Who is listening?


Some time ago I was spending time with my roommate's dog in the nearby Fernhil Park in Portland. The weather was excellent. Beautiful sun and fresh air.
We were shuffling in fallen leaves of stunning colors and watching squirrels. Correction...I was watching. The dog's plans were much more expansive. Whenever she saw a little creature with bushy tails she would freeze and then start to creep in an incredible soft and silent way. Forgive me my friend for making noises to warn squawkers. They were the hosts, we were only visiting.

Tired and longing for some relaxation I finally sat down under a tree and soon found myself talking to the spirit of nature. I was sharing my joys, worries and questions. But was it only a self-talk?

One moment a lady asked me from the distance if she could make a photo of me and the dog. She said she enjoyed very much the incredible beauty of this moment. Not sure what she was talking about, but being open to this nice woman I agreed. We exchanged phone numbers and soon an image was messaged to my mobile. When I returned home and opened a file I became speechless.

Suddenly I could see the witness of my meditation. The stream of light. The answer and the presence. It reminded me - you are being heard. I am listening. You are never alone. All your questions are anwered and all your thoughts witnessed. You matter.